Lodge Meetings

La Gran Loggia Riunita d'Inghilterra ha comunicato che le riunioni di Loggia, con le dovute precauzioni, possono riprendere, quindi la prossima Tornata di Loggia Italia si terra’ Lunedì 4 Ottobre 2021.

La prossima Tornata di Istallazione e' rimandata a Lunedì 18 Aprile 2022.  Il V.M. Stefano Chila rimarra’ in carica per un terzo anno.

AFLA 2022 RIUNIONE BIENNALE E’ STATA RIMANDATA A SABATO 21 MAGGIO 2022. Il programma sarà pubblicato nei prossimi mesi

All visiting brethren from Metropolitan, Provincial, District and Overseas Lodges who are recognised under UGLE are more than welcome to visit us, we would be pleased to see you. Please remember to bring along your Grand Lodge Certificate as it may be needed for inspection.

If you intend to stay and enjoy our Festive Board afterwards, please kindly inform our Secretary or your sponsor at least one week prior to the meeting to make sure you are well catered for.

Dinning at Italia Lodge is £37.50 for a 3 course meal which includes wine.

Italia Lodge meets four times per year at Freemason's Hall in London on the 1st Monday in February, on the 3rd Monday in April, the 1st Monday in October and on the 2nd Saturday morning in December.

The new WM is installed each year at the April meeting.

The next meetings are:

Monday 4th October 2021 – TBC

Monday 6th December Morning 2021 – TBC

Monday 18th April 2022 – Intallation

Saturday 21st May 2022 – AFLA Meeting

Freemason's Hall

Lodge of Instruction

Put simply, it is an informal meeting of Freemasons where skills are rehearsed and practiced. The Lodge of Instruction enables teachings and information to be imparted in a relaxed and informal manner as opposed to the formal workings of the lodge.

In particular it is a chance for junior Freemasons to ask questions, practice skills and to explore the workings of their lodge and craft in greater depth.

It also allows an opportunity for those more experienced to impart their wealth of knowledge of the craft and their life experiences to the younger brethren.

Regular attendance is highly recommended for all Apprentices, Companions and Master Masons alike and, in particular, for those Brethren who wish to progress in the Craft. All members from other lodges are also welcome to come to the Lodge of Instruction.

This presents brethren from other lodges with an opportunity to tap the rich vein of information and experience that exists in the wider masonic community.

The LOI is held every Monday evening (except for Bank Holidays and regular Lodge meetings) at Freemasons Hall.

Social Events

Italia Lodge also organise Social Events when spouses, families and friends can join the Brethren in our festivities. These are the Ladies Night and traditional gala dinner to thank our spouses for their support and the White Table which is the last meeting before the summer break to celebrate the end of the masonic year.

Ladies Festival from Friday 27th to Sunday 29th April 2018.